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Why Us?

We pride ourselves on excellence, integrity and commitment to our clients. We provide a premium service for premium clientele. From the selection process to our in-house training, to the mandatory ongoing professional development, our personnel are leagues above what is offered elsewhere. We only hire the best and we actively make them better.

By entrusting a professional and reliable security firm to manage the safety of your greatest assets, you can get back to focus on what you do best running your business, growing your business, and looking after your people.

OPSI offers a range of security services tailored to help your staff remain safe, happy and productive.

Our Values

Every great company has a why that drives what they do. This why factor informs the value of the company, and ultimately tells you, the client, what to expect from the company in your dealing. Our Why is that we fundamentally believe in creating an attitude of excellence in an industry where mediocrity has become the accepted standard.

Our WHY is the relentless pursuit of excellence

Excellence in service

Excellence in integrity

Excellence in communication

Excellence in appearance

Excellence in conduct

Excellence in etiquette

Excellence in every little thing we do



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