Get what you pay for

Bar Security MelbourneThe private security industry is full of companies that offer a long list of services and a vast range of prices from dirt cheap to huge prices. But are you getting what you paid for from either? If you are considering hiring a private security company to provide security officers for your business, venue, event or protection of your loved ones.

Can I suggest asking a few questions before accepting a quote for security services in Melbourne or anywhere else?

  1. Ask to see the current state private security business security licence often referred to as master licence in some states. Check that the security company is licenced to provide the services required. Recently I have seen security companies offering Cash In Transit services without holding the appropriate licences to do so. Also, check the individual security guards are licenced to work in the industry and the particular role.
  2. Check the public liability insurance and ensure again it covers the type of services that you require. Make sure that the security company’s insurance is valid and in date.
  3. Check the Workcover Insurance is current and in place as well.
  4. In Victoria ask if the Security Provider holds a current Licence to Provide Labour Hire Services. These licences are issued and managed by the Victorian Labour Hire Authority. To obtain this licence you are required to show that correct wages, taxes, superannuation and the owner/operator are a fit and proper person to operate such a business.
  5. Ask who will be running the security service that is being provided. Ask if that person is licenced, experienced and how many other tasks they are running at the same time. Do they hold the knowledge and experience to ensure that the team is being managed, guided or mentored in the right way?
  6. Ask what tools and equipment that the team will be bringing with them. From PPE to radios or any other equipment such as first aid kits etc.
  7. Last thing and probably the most important thing I suggest you ask is what experience do you and your team have in the actual roles that you are quoting for? Too many security providers are happy yo quote for any work with like or no experience in the area they have been asked to quote.

At On Point Security & Investigation Pty Ltd we are happy we encourage clients to ask the questions before committing to our services. If we can not assist we are happy to make suggestions and point the client in the right direction rather offer to provide a service we can not deliver. Are you getting what you paid for?