Race to the bottom

OPSI Retail Security MelbourneThe private security industry has been brought to the attention of the nation here Australia for all the wrong reasons. From sham contracting, lack of training, poor English skills, dodgy company owners and of course the COVID 19 Hotel farse. What has driven us to this? The race to the bottom is driven by greedy company owners dropping their rates to win the jobs. This, in turn, builds a false impression to the clients how to think well that is the going rate so that is all I am willing to pay.

Real companies who care about the security industry loss out the big players who set the rates and drive the price down by demanding from the smaller players a cheap rate. I have personally been asked to have 2 rates of charge for my A team and a cheaper rate for the so-called B team to fill the gaps. Shirt fillers is a term we use. Guess what I do not do shirt fillers and all the staff at OPSI are paid the correct rates according to the Industry Award.

We ensure that the team have been trained as required, equipped, and briefed as required. I have seen other company owners get their mother in law to do the online inductions for his team as he didn’t trust them to do it themselves.

The industry is full of smoke and mirrors salespeople driving flash cars in expensive suits taking would-be clients out on the town (pre-COVID of course). Many with no actual skills in what they are selling. Many do not hold private security licences yet they sell the service to people who don’t know what they are buying.

What we do differently at On Point Security & Investigation is to take the time to talk to you about what you are looking for. We find solutions that best suit your needs rather than a one size fits all mentality, we then handpick a team that suits and we guide the way. Our team are fully licenced, experienced and able to do the job they are selling.