The Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB) was established as a third-party certifier. Its aim is to promote the recognition of ADF veteran owned and operated business. In Australia, there are third party certifications for a wide range of products and services. But so far, nothing has existed which recognises veteran-owned and operated businesses – until now.

Their time spent serving Australia and the sacrifices that you have made should never go unnoticed. Displaying the AVOB certification mark will allow people to instantly associate businesses with the exceptional qualities that are attributed to Australia’s service personnel.

The reputation and trust that our servicemen and women have earned are traits that should never be forgotten. AVOB is here to ensure that these are not lost for veterans who decide to start their own business.

On Point Security & Investigation and On Point Training Group are proud members of Australian Veteran Owned Business group and we continue to support other AVOB member companies across the country.