On Point Security & Investigation has joined forces with KelpX Tactical Medical Solutions to be able to offer to our clients a high level of medical care in dangerous situations. Our Tactical Medical Team (TMT) members have fortified both their medical skills and tactical operations skills to be able to effectively tactically integrate into various organisations. KelpX TMT members come from both sound critical care medical backgrounds backed up with strong military/police backgrounds.

OPSI and KelpX can offer Victoria’s and debatably Australia’s first private Rescue Task Force (RTF). Our Standby RTF team is designed for major public gatherings/venues where there is a risk of an intentional mass violence incident. Our teams provide invaluable medical care during the first dire minutes/hours until police can secure the scene, and state ambulance services can provide further medical care.

OPSI can provide support to the TMT and RTF in the form of Force Protection being both armed or unarmed depending on the situation. OPSI’s team members are trained by KelpX in tactical medical skills to not only provide the protection but can also be an extra set of hands should they are needed.