With Who is On Point Security & Investigation Pty Ltd

On Point Security & Investigation Pty Ltd (OPSI) is an Australian owned and operated security and risk management firm based in Victoria. As an independent company, we aim is to bring excellence to an industry that has for too long accepted mediocrity. In a world that is changing rapidly, becoming increasingly dangerous and unstable for us all. We believe your staff and family have a right to feel safe. OPSI’s goal is to provide the services required to make that happen. With as little disruption to your business and way of life as possible.

The management team and staff at OPSI are experienced, highly trained and fully licensed in their field. We deliver services to our clients as per your requirements, with an elevated level of commitment, professionalism, and responsibility to go above and beyond your expectations.

Our Team

OPSI was founded by Brendon Purdom who is a dedicated security professional with over 20 year’s security experience managing, recruitment, training, development and strategic planning coupled with over 9 years of leadership and management experience. Prior to starting in the security industry he was a member of the Australian Army for 7 years serving as an infantry soldier and then as a medic. A personable leader who comfortably interacts with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Resourceful and creative problem solver with expertise in building and developing security personnel. Brendon holds a Diploma of Leadership and Management, Diploma of Security & Risk Management, Diploma of Work Health & Safety, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert III in Non Emergency Patient Transport and is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Victoria University.





We are proud members of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) along with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also our director holds membership with the Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) and the Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA).

Our Values

Every great company has a why that drives what they do. This why factor informs the value of the company, and ultimately tells you, the client, what to expect from the company in your dealing. Our Why is that we fundamentally believe in creating an attitude of excellence in an industry where mediocrity has become the accepted standard.

Soldier On

On Point Security & Investigation Pty Ltd is a proud Gold Pledge Partner of Soldier On’s Pathways Program. The Pathways Program helps veterans and their families to secure their future careers. The Soldier OnPathways program helps veterans and their families secure meaningful long term employment.  With Soldier On’s Pathways Program helps veterans and their families with employment and education support.

Soldier On is committed to working side-by-side with veterans and their families to help secure their future and enable them to thrive in every area of civilian life. Soldier On provides a holistic model of support for veterans and their families, focusing on Health and Wellbeing Programs, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs, and Participation in social activities and programs. Established in 2012, Soldier On is a not-for-profit veteran support organisation delivering a range of early intervention services to veterans and their families in multiple locations across Australia. Soldier On provides a holistic model of support, focusing on Health and wellbeing, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs and Participation and Social Connection. Whether Australian veterans or their family members need to access services in one or all four areas, our staff are here to HELP them connect with others and enable them to thrive through tailored programs.


    • Victorian Private Security Business Licence 920-827-40SOPSI Home
    • Victorian General Category Handgun Licence 920-827-30H
    • Victorian Labour Hire Licence VICLHL01299
    • Victorian Portable Long Service Registration C324922
    • CM3 Certified 037171
    • ASIAL Membership 59602
    • Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1333358
    • ABN 26 140 045 264