The OPSI Event Security Team are trained security professionals who is handpicked for each event and occasion. OPSI is able to provide teams of event security guards across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We pride ourselves on presentation, punctuality, ability to fit in with the venue staff and be able to represent the client. The team will be dressed to suit the event be black suit and tie to a more casual event.

Here are a few of the thing our team of OPSI crowd control personnel can provide:

  • Monitoring and control of entry into your venue as well as checking for underage or intoxicated customers.
  • Monitoring crowd or individual behaviour and communicating any potential issues to staff.
  • Managing any abusive, aggressive, or violent behaviour with a focus on diffusing any situations before they escalate further.
  • Taking care of first aid or crucial care in the aftermath of an incident or altercation.
  • Assisting with and coordinating any emergency evacuation of your venue or event that may be required.
  • We monitor the headcount of patrons in the venue to ensure that numbers do not go beyond the capacity of the venue.
  • Our staff communicate with the venue management or bar supervisors throughout the shift to ensure any areas of concern are passed across.

We provide all the equipment needed to undertake the tasks such a counters, radios, sign in registers and first aid kits if needed. At OPSI we aim to work in with venue to be come part of the team and to complement the services being provided.